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Next Sale Dates & Tips for 2023

Are you interested in knowing when will be going to be the NEXT Sale? NEXT is a global clothing, footwear and home retailer with its headquarters at Enderby, England. Each year, the company organizes The Next Sale, where you will find the most affordable deals on furniture as well as beauty, sports as well as other products.

When will be the NEXT Sale 2023?

Each calendar year Next has four sales during the year, comprising…


To find the most affordable price You must be aware when the store will be holding its sale.

Our prediction of the NEXT sale of the year are as the following…

Next Spring Sale 2022 – March 2023

The Next Summer Sale 2022 – July 2023

Next Autumn Sale 2022- September 2023

Next Winter Sale 2022 – December 2023

What items are most frequently Reduced at the upcoming Sale?

As one of the best times to shop, the Next Sale could help you save up to 50% off of the cost of the original purchase. In some instances customers have reported receiving up to 70 percent off. What are the items that typically are discounted in the next Sale?

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, wait until your Next Sale date. The previous sales featured the following items:

Baby clothes for kids, including clothes
Branded clothing items from companies like Missguided and Lipsy
Beauty and skincare tools and products
Homeware and more

If you’re looking for homewares You can find fantastic products like pillows and duvet covers holders and coasters TV stands, and much many more. If you are looking for womenswear, Next stocks dresses, jackets, trainers as well as leggings, jackets, and other items.

There’s a way to determine whether an item is currently available for sale. Typically, one few days ahead of when that the Next Sale starts, staff typically mark all marked items that are discounted. The tags are usually marked using a set of numbers and letters written in pencil. This aids the staff in organizing the sale prior to when it begins.

If you go to a local Next store, be sure to look for these markings at the bottom of the labels…

GH16 etc

The number represents the discount price for the product. The price to be paid when the Sale begins. Be sure to check the local Next store at least a day or so prior to the date of sale. If you are shopping online, the best method is to open an account prior to the sale date.

Include the items you plan to purchase in your shopping cart at least a day ahead of when the Next Sale starts, which starts at 8 am on the date you have chosen. Don’t check out prior to you reach the Next Sale date. Simply leave your cart empty and then on the day of sale make sure you check out your items. Prices will already be marked down, saving you money.
What is an Next Sale VIP Slot?

Next Sale The VIP Slot is a specific slot that is reserved for a person selected by Next to be able to take advantage of the sales prior to all other customers. As VIPs, you will be able to know the items that will be available for sale prior to it going live both online and in store. If you’re eligible to qualify for the Next status, Next will send an email invitation. The invite will typically include an “Next Sale Preview Link.

In certain instances, users may sign-in to the Next site and choose the time they want to use even though they didn’t receive an invitation in a formal email. If this is the case it’s best to choose the first slot that is offered. Slots are generally restricted and are available on a first come, first served basis.

How can I Get an Next VIP Slot?

Next customers who have an NextPay credit card will be able to get the exclusive Next VIP Slot invite to the next Sale. To be eligible you must have placed an order within the last month. If you do not have an NextPay credit card then register. It’s free. If you sign up prior to when the Next Sale, you can take advantage of an opportunity to win a free Next Sale VIP slot.

For more information about applying an application for the NextPay credit card, go to Next’s Next website. Go to the Next website “Register Right Now” and then enter the following information…

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
House Number

If you’re not sure of your postcode, go to “Find.” If you’ve got an offer code, you can enter the code in the field that is provided. Choose if you’d prefer a free Next directory, and you will get information on sales and other items through…


Click “Register Now If you choose to be a part of an email with the Next Directory, you agree to receive the publication for the cost that is PS3.75 for each publication. Additionally, you agree to receive additional Directories and “New In” publications without additional cost.

To receive an invitation to the Next Sale VIP Slot invite Do the following…

Maintain a current email address
Make sure you keep at least one product from the season’s current product collection
Sign up to be notified of sales and promotions emails
Get a copy of the Next directory.
Have PS250 of credit on your NextPay Credit account.

It is also required that you return less than 2/3 of products you purchased. If you meet all of these requirements then you’ll receive an email invitation. The NextPay credit account comes with the following advantages…

PS10 discount off the first purchase you make with credit of PS15 or more
Pay in-store using your NextPay card.
Make use of the secure digital NextPay card inside the Next app
You can spread the cost across a selection of partner stores and on the site

Before you sign up for the NextPay credit card We would like to warn you. The NextPay credit card comes with an interest rate of 23.9 percent Representative APR variable. Each month, it is important to complete the payment in full , or else you’ll lose any savings you made in the sale when the interest starts to accrue. Be aware that when you are given the Next VIP slot you are not able to transfer it to family members or acquaintances. It’s because it’s exclusive for your particular account.

When will when the NEXT Sale Online?

Do you want to know which date it is that the NEXT Sale is online? It is usually when the store sale begins. On the internet, Next has at least 50 percent off of homeware, clothing and other products. The sale on clothing includes women’s, men’s and kids’ items, in addition to footwear and accessories.

If you’re an Next VIP, you’ll have access open to you prior to the sale’s official date. The earliest time you can select an Next Sale VIP slot is three to four days prior to the sale begins online. Around 9am, which is three to four days prior to when the Next Sale starts, log in and select your slot for free.

It’s not necessary the patience of waiting around for an answer or else you could lose out to other customers. The next step is to limit the quantity of products you can put in your shopping cart. Also, they disable features like Save for Later and Save Bag features. This ensures that everyone get a fair chance to score the best bargains.

In the case of delivery it could take longer. In fact, you might not receive it at home until the following day. It could take for as long as 21 days.

Can You Return Next Sale Purchases?

Are you unhappy with your purchase? Return most of your new purchases in a brand new and unworn condition. When possible, the item must be returned in the original packaging. If you wish to cancel your order, you must notify Next in 14 days starting the day following receipt of your goods.

Returning your item is straightforward. If you bought the item(s) in a store, you can return them to your closest Next Store. However, if you bought online, you can take the return form in the package as well as follow the steps…

Choose a reason code to the returned item(s)
Cut the return’s completed note
Put the note in the package together with the other items
Remove the return address label
Adhere the address label on the exterior of your parcel (Make sure that the original label isn’t evident)
Send your parcel back to Next using the method you prefer.

Next doesn’t provide free returns. The person who sends the item usually pays for postage and Next won’t refund it. You are not able to return an item purchased online to a nearby Next store. Next will issue a refund within 28 days using the payment method you prefer. Keep the receipt of return until you get confirmation from Next regarding your refund.

In the event that you do not have a return note, please contact the Next customer service team. The retailer cannot return items that are not returned following the above steps.

Next Sale Tips…

Do you want to get the most out of your Next Sale? Use these suggestions.

Plan Ahead

A few days prior to one or two days before the Next Sales date, visit your local Next store and explore the stores. Note where the items are located and look over their tags for pencil marks. If you’ve received an invitation to the Next Sale VIP slot invite Log into your account at least 3 or 4 days prior to you go to the Next Sale to book your slot. You can mark items as favorites or add them to your shopping basket.

Start Early

If you’re looking to buy the finest items, make sure you get to the local Next store before the closing time. This is due to the fact that the most desirable merchandise is sold out quickly, especially furniture, homeware and clothes. If you don’t be in by the time you need to you will have to wait for until the last minute before closing. The majority of shoppers have already returned some of their purchases.

Never miss a VIP Slot Invitation

Prior to you go to the Next Sale, make sure your email address and phone number are current. This will ensure that you won’t lose the Next Sale VIP Slot invite. Also, you should be sure to check your account’s section three to four days prior to when the sale is scheduled to begin. This will let you make your reservation early.

Target Smaller Stores

Flagship Next stores draw the largest crowds. There are lines long before entering the store. After entering, the place will be packed, making shopping difficult. This is why we recommend you to choose the less crowded Next store. Smaller crowds will allow you access to the entire range of merchandise.

Bring Water

It is essential to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water since the stores become packed and hot. Be friendly to the employees. They’re extremely busy and have plenty of shoppers who need help.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in finding more about next year’s Next Sale, sign-up to receive emails about sales and promotions. If you’ve changed your phone or email address login and update it prior to you go to the Next Sale. We recommend selecting a Next VIP slot three to 4 days prior to the sale online begins. Make sure your account is eligible in case you don’t want to be excluded from any future Next VIP slot invitations.