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Some Football Betting Terms

This is a beginners guide to betting on football, written by a beginner!

A few Football Betting Terms

I figured I would start with some football betting terms.

Stake The stake is the amount you put on a wager, in other words the amount you stand to lose if you don’t win.

Accumulator – A football accumulator is a series of bets that are single and grouped together, if each bet is successful then the odds will add up. If you have heard of people putting a fiver on something and then winning a couple of thousand it is because of the accumulators. Since each bet must win though they can be very risky.

Handicap – This is a type of bet that is offered when a team is clearly the favorite (think Brazil against your old boys team! The handicap can give a small edge to the side that’s underdog. In other words, there might be a one goal head start for the underdog. I’ll go over Handicapping more in the coming article.

Half Time/Full Time Half Time/Full-Time bet can be divided into two parts, where you can predict the winner of the first half and the final game. So you could predict an even draw at half-time but you to predict that the team on home will win by full time.

The Banker is basically the closest thing to certainty as you can get, as the tipster is certain that the bet is going to be successful if they consider it a banker. We offer, for instance, tips for bankers to our members.

Scorecast – This is where you place bets on a player to score the first goal along with forecasting the correct score.

Wincast – Very similar to a scorecast , but you wager on a player to score and you then guess who will win the game.

90 Minute Betting – This topic is discussed frequently when people bet on specific player (maybe to be goal scorers) usually, if the player doesn’t make an appearance the bet is canceled However, if they are in the normal 90 minutes of play, they are eligible to place the bet.

24 Hour Rule – The majority of betting websites have a rule such as this. If there is a delay in a game, the bet becomes null in the event that the match isn’t played within a 24 hour period. In other words, if the match was put back 2 hours the bet would remain.

Over/Under – Unders and Overs are betting on the number of goals scored. normally it will be in excess or below such as over 2.5 means if there are three or more goals. Under 2.5 will be 0, 1 or 2 goals that are scored.

DNB The acronym stands to mean Draw No Bet. If the result is a draw, you are able to get back the money you bet for the bet. This can be seen as an alternative that is safer, however, you must be aware that the odds are typically lower when this option is chosen.

Double Chance – A Double Chance bet is one in which you pick a winner . when they win, or it is a draw, you win the bet. In the event that your team pick falls, then you lose the bet. Similar to DNB the odds are generally smaller, but it’s also a safer bet as a result.

Bankroll is the amount of money you have to bet with. We’ve written a bit more about what the bankroll actually is.


Handicaps have confused the heck out of me for the longest time which is why I would like to look at them in detail. This is such a common concern that I’ve written an article on the Asian and European handicapping.

Accumulators Vs Singles

These are the two most frequently used ways to place bets these days so I thought it would be helpful to discuss the two in more detail. It’s not a secret the fact that Ian prefers singles but it does not mean that you don’t know the fundamental difference.

When you bet with an accumulator, your bets must win in order to get the winnings. This makes it much harder to win, however the payoff is greater. For a football betting novice, it’s attractive to bet on accumulations since you can witness your PS10 stake grow to huge bucks pretty quick.

Singles on the other hand aren’t affected by other bets. Thus, if I make PS10 on three matches in singles, and 2 of them come in that way, I’ll make money with those two bets. The odds aren’t as good when I roll all my bets in an accumulator. However, chances of me getting some money are much greater.

The key point here is to figure out what works best for you. While some believe in accumulators and some prefer singles, it does not mean that you have to follow the most popular voice. Do some research, maybe try putting small stakes in several different options and find out what you liked and what yielded a positive ROI.

Making your way through the bookshops

What you’ll come across when you start football betting is a range of different bookmakers, both offline and online. Each will have its unique way of handling things and all will want you to interact with them in a different manner. It’s not easy, but we’ve written up guidelines on what to be looking for and how to state your case when you believe the เว็บแทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด has mistreated you.

Generally accepted good tips

A guide on betting on football isn’t complete without sharing some helpful tips! Here are some generally accepted and useful tips I’ve gleaned from my studies and from interviews with football tipsters!

Do not bet with your heart Bet with your head

This means don’t bet because you want your team to be successful, rather, bet simply because you believe they’ll triumph!

Do not bet on teams you don’t want to bet against just because you don’t want to bet against them. bet against them because you think they are going to lose.

Try not to get too greedy

Two things I have been guilty of due to greed. The second is to add more teams to an accumulator because it could increase my maximum amount of money. This is almost always a terrible idea!

The second thing I have done is placed more bets on a particular team than I initially was going to. There should be a framework of how much you’re planning to bet, and then stick to it.

Do not be impatient

There is no guarantee that you will take every bet if you want to become successful at betting on football it is important to remain mindful and make the right bets for you.

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Before placing a bet I always think about the amount of money that I’m likely to place on it. I also consider, if I were to lose this money today, do I feel comfortable with losing it. If the answer is no I’ll never place the bet.

Ask for help if football betting becomes a problem.

If you believe that gambling could be a problem for you then my advice is to seek help. GambleAware could be worth a visit!

Don’t put your money on friendly teams

They are too unpredictable, you’re not sure how much effort teams from different teams are working on and reserve players might get an outing that you didn’t anticipate.

If the games are played prior to the start of the new season (they typically are) players will be very alert to avoid any injuries so might not play as vigorously like they normally do.

Know Team Motivation

What I mean is the fact that two teams could appear a certain way on paper, however when one team have already been successful in winning the league and another is fighting to keep the league there’s a good chance that the team good at paper will be in auto pilot whilst the team trying to keep themselves out of being relegated will be fighting for their lives!

Some North American football betting terms

If you’re visiting our website via North America then some of the terms I mentioned at the start might be confusing. Here’s a quick translation.

Locks are what we call “bankers”
Parlays – are what we call “accumulators”
Straight Bets are also known as “singles”
The Wagering Event are what we call “fixtures”