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Cloud Managed Services from IG Group

Managed service providers assist businesses in outsourcing their less-important tasks and focusing their attention on their core business. Furthermore, managed services offer companies with compliance and security benefits as well as greater availability.

Cloud managed services will get you back to doing what you enjoy doing best, free of the hassle and stress associated with managing your network.

Here are the top 3 advantages of using cloud-managed services as a key element of your cloud strategy and business plans.

The Top Five Benefits from Cloud Managed Services

1. Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits for SaaS owners who work with a reliable cloud management services provideris the savings that they can make by outsourcing all of their cloud maintenance services.

The cost of hiring a full-time team in-house costs a lot of money, and wholly unnecessary when expert cloud managed service providers are able to deliver round-the-clock, dedicated services at a fraction of the cost.

Another advantage of costs is found in the flexibility offered by cloud managed services.

When you partner with a service provider, you select a fixed-monthly service plan that’s customised to suit your specific needs and budget, meaning you are able to predict your cost per month, and the ability to optimize the amount you spend for support of your infrastructure.

2. Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Cloud managed services are flexible in nature.

Your provider will fit the solution to meet your company’s particular requirements. They will also actively look into and suggest improvements that you can make to support your business’s key objectives directly.

Flexibleness, in turn is also a key factor in the ability to scale – a crucial element in any strategy for a growing company.

Cloud managed services provides flexible solutions that can handle rapid changes with no trouble or interruptions in the services you provide to your clients, effortlessly fulfilling the growing requirements of your business while simultaneously eliminating the threat of downtime.

Cloud managed service are perfect for SaaS businesses that are experiencing rapid growth of their business since they can benefit from the flexibility that cloud services offer.

Cloud-managed services allow you to adapt to your current business needs and expand with you in the future.

3. High Availability and Reliability as well as Performance

Cloud managed services SaaS customers can anticipate the highest level of reliability because cloud managed providers are in constant control over their cloud environment continually monitoring performance and making sure that any problems related to the system are resolved immediately.

Cloud managed services provider makes sure that the cloud infrastructure continues functioning at optimal levels, and takes measures to recognize the possibility of dangers.

With high reliability comes high availability. With the best speed, data storage and availability, SaaS suppliers can be at ease knowing that their services will run smoothly, even with high loads.

This will ensure that you are able to focus on the main goals of your business and expanding the number of customers you serve and making sure your customers are satisfied with a reliable, high-performing service.

4. Disaster Recovery

A data breach or cyberattack could put the entire operation at risk. For instance, it was the case that Buffalo Public Schools ransomware attack in March 2021 was able to shut all of the New York City public school system for the full 10 days.

SaaS companies, especially those that deal with sensitive customer information for example, those in the government, healthcare and financial services, cannot afford to suffer a data breach.

With cloud managed services, SaaS users can use an Disaster Recovery (DR) solution which will backup the cloud system in its entirety including operating systems, customer information including file systems, as well as existing configurations to a safe place.

DR is a combination of guidelines, procedures, and infrastructure design that facilitates the recovery or continuation of essential IT requirements following any catastrophe.

This way, business operations can continue to operate at a minimum, or perhaps zero downtime.

5. Professional, attentive, and 24/7 Assistance

With cloud managed services, SaaS providers can benefit from the assistance from a dedicated group of engineers whose experience is available 24/7 to make informed decisions about their infrastructure, instead of being reliant on their own basic research or guesswork when issues arise.

Cloud managed services providers will constantly assess, monitor and repair any infrastructure or network issue, ensuring that the entire environment is reliable, sturdy and operating at its peak levels throughout the day.

Additionally, SaaS providers can expect an extremely fast response time to any inquiry or support issue that they might encounter.

Our support team is highly trained and specialized in the UK. is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is accessible via a variety of channels – including phone or email, as well as instant chat. You’ll receive the assistance you require when you need it.

Cloud Managed Services from IG Group

SaaS users across the world are realizing that they’re spending time on development and managing infrastructure and are turning to cloud managed services as an affordable, flexible, and extremely reliable solution.

At IGGroup our cloud-managed services solution manages infrastructure and applications using our cloud platform. We also assist in connecting your cloud to public clouds like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

We constantly monitor and pre-empt any possible problems, which means you don’t need to spend time or human resources to manage your infrastructure.

As a fully managed service we cooperate with you to deliver the best solution for your business and your customers while providing you with the 24 hour support you require.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our cloud-managed hosting solutions.