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Is Netflix Down in the UK? An Easy Guide to Finding Out

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services that people watch their favorite TV shows and movies on. However, it can be frustrating when it’s not working. At times, users may experience an issue that is beyond their control, meaning the problem is affecting many other users. If you are located in the UK and are unsure if Netflix is down or not, we have a guide that will help you check it.

  1. Check the server – is Netflix down in UK?

The very first thing you should do is confirm that the problem is not with the Netflix server. Netflix has a dedicated status page that keeps all its users informed about the server status. If you have a Netflix app installed, you can also check their Twitter account or look for an alert within the app.

  1. Use a VPN browser extension

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have recently become quite popular, especially in the UK. Using a VPN, you can access servers from different regions, which could potentially help you bypass regional restrictions that Netflix comes with in specific areas. However, this can cause issues with the streaming service if your VPN server is not functioning correctly. To confirm this, you can check if Netflix is working when not connected to your VPN as well.

  1. Check on Twitter

Twitter is the go-to platform for most users when they are experiencing issues with Netflix in the UK. Look up Netflix UK or Netflix Support on Twitter to find out if there are any ongoing issues. It is essential to check recent tweets and not rely on the last one as it may be outdated.

  1. Use third-party websites

Some websites keep track of streaming services’ status and whether it is down or not. You can use websites to check if Netflix is undergoing any maintenance or server issues. These websites often provide users with updates on the current status of Netflix.

  1. Restart your device and reset your router

Before assuming that Netflix is down in the UK, try restarting your device, uninstalling the app, and then reinstalling it. This could be useful if anything went wrong while updating or running the app. On the other hand, resetting your router could also be useful if your internet connection is causing the issue. You can turn off your router for 30 seconds before turning it back on.

  1. Try different devices

In some cases, your device may be the root of the issue. Therefore, you can try accessing Netflix using different devices and check if it is down on all of them. Try streaming something on Netflix using your phone, tablet, or a different device connected to your home network.

  1. Call your internet service provider

Finally, if none of the above tricks seem to work, the problem may be with your internet service provider. If this is the case, contact their customer support to explain the situation and ask if they are experiencing any outages in the area.


In conclusion, checking whether Netflix is down in the UK is a straightforward process. You can use various techniques to understand the status of the server and the availability of the streaming service. By following these steps, you can save time and avoid frustration by knowing whether the problem is with Netflix or something else entirely.