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Storing and Converting Old Tapes and Videos

A novel study that was published in 2011 examined how cold storage affects various media, including DVDs, CDs and VHS. The basis of this research is that cold/cold or below freezing storage can be efficient tools to preserve unstable media like Acetate as well as color film. Researchers found that storing VHS tapes (dated from 1990 to 2008) in a freezer did not result in any cosmetic or viewing problems. On this page, we present practical storage options for dealing with the piles of tape format, which for a time controlled the world, from temperature control and ways to keep old VHS tapes, to what to consider if feel warm fuzzy feelings about the tapes’ physical appearance.

VHS Storage Tips & Other useful tips

Storage of videotapes in a poor conditions can result in irreparable damage. While storing VHS tapes inside a freezer may be an extreme option the most effective way to keep VHS tapes is in a cool, dark space because the process of deterioration accelerates in humid and warm climates. Here are some other storage suggestions for this once-in-a-lifetime video format:

Place tapes in airtight plastic containers and then put them up in watertight storage boxes instead of cardboard boxes.
Keep tapes from direct sunlight as well as any other form of warmth
Avoid storing tapes on flat surfaces since after a period of months or even years, gravity may result in the tape move onto the reel which can result in poor viewing
Rewind tapes after watching them or prior to storing them, as this ensures that the tape is tight and responsive. It can also help to prevent sagging.
Beware of placing VHS tapes near speakers and devices that are magnetic because videotape is composed of tiny magnets, putting it in the wrong place can cause damage to the tape – or in the worse erase the contents
Securely pack them in a tight manner because when cassettes are packed too loosely inside containers or boxes that’s why they could cause the cassette to break or crack and render it unplayable.
Label tapes prior to putting them in storage to ensure that when you search for a specific film in the near future it will be easy to find
If your tape isn’t able to perform well or has broken tape, you shouldn’t toss it prior to attempting to fix it because, in most cases, it’s a simple fix.

Digitize Video Tapes

Converting videotapes to digital is the most efficient method to save the tapes to be preserved for future posterity. You can digitally convert Hi8 to digital on your own when you have the proper equipment and time or leave it to experts. After you’ve converted them and uploaded the tapes to cloud storage, you’ll need to decide what you’ll do with the old tapes. If you’d like to save them it’s your decision, and you’re not all on your own. Keep them safe in case you want to bring one in to watch it on that old-fashioned machine known as VCR!

If you select us to digitize your VHS memories You’ll be pleased to discover that the final product is usually superior to the original. We provide award-winning quality and guaranteed security at industry-leading costs for all services that are performed in our lab that is state-of-the-art.

Videotape Repurposing

Once you have your videotapes digitalized and you are able to donate the originals to your local thrift store, or keep them and sell them as collector’s items, reuse them, or make various interesting craft projects with the cases and/or the insides.