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Advantages of a campervan holiday when money’s tight

A trip in a campervan doesn’t require a huge sum of money and the cost of living crisis getting in the way!

I’m confident that your control is in your spending when you’re traveling with your campervan and it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and an arm. Here are a few of my top points and suggestions on how to stay in the budget in check which will make you feel less anxious about returning home to review your bank statements.

The most appealing aspect of a campervan vacation is that you are in control of the plan and you can decide where you’d like to travel. You’re free to travel traveling on the open road at your own pace In contrast to car rental and B&Bs, you’re no longer bound to a particular area at a particular time. If you’re enjoying a particular area and aren’t yet done exploring Why not stay longer? You can simply park the campervan, then relax and enjoy.

There are all the amenities in the campervan: a an incredibly comfortable bed, a shower, toilet, excellent outdoor kitchen equipment like table and chairs for picnics. If you want having a cup of coffee, you can simply pull over where you are safe and boil your kettle. Then, relax outside in a tranquil area. You don’t have to be worried about which cafe will be the next offer drinks, so that you can all go to the bathroom.

If you’re into water sports or other outdoor pursuits, the main benefit of the campervan is that you can carry your own equipment and cut down on the costs of renting equipment. Additionally, unlike a vehicle, when you come back after a day of exploration, you’ll know that there’s a warm vehicle waiting for you. You can take an energizing shower and get changed in a comfortable manner.

You can bring your own food items with you that reduces the expense of dining out, which is a huge expense, and you’ll benefit from knowing what you’re eating specially when you’re traveling with someone who has allergies or is just a bit picky eaters. There’s no need to carry everything you eat to the grocery store for the week. There are many grocery stores that can help you purchase fresh fruits and vegetables I would suggest to plan ahead and create an agenda for your meals. It will take the worry and stress away from making plans for meals while you’re traveling.

Some activities aren’t expensive and so you should make sure you do some forward planning. Choose days that you are spending very little, if any, and when you are required to cover the cost of an excursion, you don’t need to fret about the expense and you can simply enjoy your day.

The free days could comprise of the following:

If you are planning to spend a day at the beach, take the water, but don’t forget your spade and bucket.
Bring your bikes along and cycle along a trail, there are plenty options to choose from, including around the coast or through the forest routes.
Tourist attractions, such as museums and standing stones are accessible for free.
Visit places that have been famousized by Hollywood films like the Glenfinnan viaduct that you’ll recognize in The Harry Potter films or Glencoe and try to pinpoint where certain scenes from the James Bond films were filmed.
Certain tourist destinations like the folk museum of the Highlands and botanical gardens request small donations, so please give whatever you can.
We are blessed with some of the most stunning countryside, all marked and fenced off, so why not get the perfect pair of footwear and head out into the countryside for a stroll? You are never sure what you will encounter.

Our campervan hire Scotland vehicles are completely kitted out, so you can be self-sufficient during your absence. This means that you can drastically cut down on the amount you have to spend on camping. Campsites are priced at around 25 pounds in the average night, so if could reduce the number nights that you stay on a site (even in the event that you decide not to stay at the sites for any length of time) then you will save quite a bit of money. I would rather remain on a site each 3rd night , so that I can have a nice hot shower and then empty my trash and refill it with fresh water , however this is a personal preference.

The price we provide is the amount you be charged; there are no hidden charges that are not included in the quote such as your satellite navigation barbecue tables, picnic tables dishes, crockery and pans and pots, etc. All of these are included in the rental price. You can add extras to the rental, such as bikes, bedding, towels, golf clubs hire, etc. If you’re arriving to pick up your campervan, you won’t be hit with any additional charges.

Here are a few of my top suggestions to show you that camping trips don’t have to be expensive and you’ll remain within your budget when you make some foresight planning. Therefore, even in the face of a price-of-living situation, you and your family can still have the holidays having enjoyable time with your loved ones and making memories that don’t cost you a sum of money.