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Reasons To Go On A Morocco Tour

If you’re planning to travel to Morocco there is the option of exploring the region on your own, or you might prefer a private guided tour. There are numerous advantages of hiring an individual Morocco tour guide like having the ability to tailor your itinerary, getting knowledge of the culture as well as having clear communication flexibility, and being guided by a professional who is highly experienced. An experienced Morocco tour guide may recommend local restaurants or high-end eateries and art galleries, museums as well as important monuments which are usually not listed in the most reputable guidebooks.

Morocco tour guides need to be licensed through the Moroccan National Tourism Board (ONMT) and are properly certified and checked. They speak multilingually, fluently English, Moroccan Arabic, Berber and French. The help of a Moroccan Tour guide could bring an additional dimension to your travel experience.

There are two types of Morocco Tour Guides in Morocco:

Moroccan Tour guides are defined by two distinct descriptions and approvals from The Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

#1: Morocco Nationally Licensed Tour Guides

#2 #1: Local licensed Morocco Tour Guides

What is the difference between the difference between a National Morocco Tour Guide and the Local Morocco Tour Guide? Local Morocco Tour Guide?

National Moroccan Tour Guides hold an “National License” and are authorized to travel the whole country with private couples, families and groups. Local Morocco Tour Guides are licensed to accommodate private couples, families and groups in cities in which they’ve received their license.

Locally authorized, Morocco Tour guides are knowledgeable and are authorized to take tours in their home city and typically, they offer an in-depth understanding of the city’s past, since they’re from the city where they conduct tours. A licensed local Moroccan Tour guide can be perfect for families, couples, or small groups that visit the country for an individual tour because it allows them to enhance their tour by hiring a certified tourism driver, who is typically knowledgeable.

National Licensed Morocco Guides are highly recommended for group trips as well as for smaller excursions. Local, licensed Moroccan Tour guides make the perfect option.

What are the five benefits of hiring an Morocco Travel Guide?

You can personalize your own Itinerary

Group trips to Morocco are advantageous as they allow for a greater selection of places and are usually accompanied by regular meals at hotels, and shopping; as well as the chance to connect with fellow travellers. They are typically guided by guides from national organizations, however the range of sights offered is limited. Private Morocco tour is, however it is guided by local city guides who provide deeper coverage of historical architectural, religious, and historical landmarks. The benefits of having an experienced Morocco tour guide is customizable by interest, which could include extended visits to museums such as mosques, holy sites and mosques including gardens, museums, new sites or shopping within the souks. Private tours also offer the option of a more relaxed and private guided tour.

An Morocco Tour Guide will provide Historical insights into the past and architecture, as well as arts craft, cuisine

Every country has its own culture, rules, unique tradition and customs. For instance in Morocco it is considered impolite to not shake hands with the person you’re greeting, inquire about their familyor have a small conversation. Knowing the specifics that are of this sort is not something you can learn from an Morocco Guide Book. Engaging an experienced privately-owned Morocco tour guide with a solid knowledge of the region can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes as well as provide an opportunity to debate what is acceptable in the cultural context. An experienced Morocco tour guide can provide an insight into the history of the country and culture, architecture, arts and food, crafts, and so on. He might also discuss local policies, social services and more in-depth aspects of the nation’s customs.

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The help of a Morocco Tour guide can facilitate the process of communication

If you are planning to travel in Morocco it is essential to be in a position to communicate. The three main languages spoken in Morocco are Moroccan Arabic, Berber dialects (Tashelhit, Tamazight & Tarifit) as well as French. English is also spoken widely in Morocco. The presence of a Morocco trip guide that is proficient in three languages makes it simpler for you to communicate with the locals. You Morocco tour guide will be able to translate for you at museums, restaurants, the souks, as well as when you shop.

If you travel with an Morocco Guide, you are guaranteed A Flexible Timetable

Larger Morocco tours that include an official guide from the country tend to include a full day of activities and not enough time to stop to enjoy the most interesting places you might encounter. The meals are usually included in hotels as well as larger, touristy restaurants, but with little opportunity dining with locals, or select a restaurant. Private Morocco tour guided by a Moroccan local guides guarantees an itinerary that is flexible and combines the sights with time for leisure and perhaps a chance to wander in your own way.

The Morocco Tour Guide will offer an individualized tour and offer the knowledge and experience

Finding the most interesting things to do during your trip to Morocco and not having to wait in lines can be a challenge especially with the limited time available. In larger tours it is common to spend time waiting in line, seeing locations that might not be interesting, or meeting the diverse requirements that the tour group has. With a personal Morocco trip guide your trip to Moroccan towns will be crafted according to your preferences. The guide is sure to be on the pulse of the latest things to experience and see. It could be the private tour that is planned for you in a garden or museum, visiting an obscure mosque or newly restored Jewish synagogue, going to an art exhibition or private cooking classes with an experienced Dada chef, the expertise and experience of an experienced Moroccan tour guide can’t be understated. Guides for private tours are not just skilled locals who know the area and are able to offer recommendations as well as ask questions and plan tours with you in the mind.