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Tips for a Successful Family Safari

You’ve travelled a lot in the early years of your life, and perhaps backpacking somewhere new. However, since your children arrived, you’ve moved between Center-Parcs up to Mark Warner, and now you’re looking forward to more.

A family trip really be an ideal goal? If so what makes it so wonderful? Here are six great reasons to try family safaris.

1. Take in Africa’s most famous species up close

The BBC’s amazing Planet Earth on television is amazing, but it doesn’t even come even close to experiencing a lion’s pride big lions or a massive bull elephant in reality. In a vehicle, you are able to get close to the animals in complete safety even when the doors are open. A vehicle that is private, with only your family members is a way to enjoy complete freedom in terms of how long you’ll be watching and what you are to the next time.

2. Be aware of Africa’s enormous dimensions and the vast its many differences

Africa isn’t one single nation comprised of 54 nations, it’s the second-largest continent on earth. The weather is changing when you go from north towards south or west east. A flight from a city close to the middle to a city that is towards the south, will take about the same amount of time similar to travelling between London towards Turkey.

A family vacation, usually to one country, or maybe two can provide lots of variety in the landscape, wildlife activities, and even the different cultures.

3. Be aware of the diversity of African animals, people, and animals

Wildlife is the most popular thing to do however keep in mind that Africa is full of different culture and landscapes. Explore the wilderness and with family members in Botswana and discover the pristine landscape that is the Okavango Delta as well as visit the desert-like and breathtaking, Makgadikgadi pans. It’s a stunning contrast, offering many different experiences and activities.

The landscape in Kenya as well as Tanzania is as stunning as the wildlife. You’ve been able to experience the culture that is Kenya and Tanzania’s Masai as well as the Samburu tribes, too. Many of them are now guides at safari camps and enjoy sharing stories of their youth and the traditions they were raised on.

Take your family on a trip for a trip to South Africa and it won’t be long before you realize the relevance of its ‘world within one country’ title is. Indian oceans and the Atlantic cities, wilderness, desert mountains – the list is endless.

4. Create lasting memories

Turn off the WiFi and you’ll soon be returning to basics playing cards, board games, and enjoying quality time with your loved ones. In my mind forever is the time I of fishing that I had alongside Samburu guide Lucas as well as my then six-year old son Leo. The isolated Laikipia wilderness, along an amazing river, with a beer in the hand (mine not his) watching his smile when he took his very first bite. It’s better than the Xbox anytime.

5. Make friends and share new experiences

It’s fun to explore something new with your family. If you’ve never been to the safari tent before, you’re sure to be in for an exciting surprise. The proper beds, baths and outdoor showers, even an in-ground pool in certain areas – will please youngsters and old alike. This is just a prelude to the actual safari.

Other things to consider include such as becoming involved in conservation initiatives such as visiting villages in the area as well as schools. This can expand the horizons of everyone.

6. To make everyone’s holiday a true holiday

Choose the best selection of lodges and camps and you’ll find something for everyone when it comes to safari. Littler children can enjoy shorter game drives to ensure they don’t get bored of lengthy hours in a car. Find a campsite with an outdoor pool, and you’ll have a ideal place to spend the hottest portion in the afternoon.

Families with active children can walk or canoe. Those who are more curious can ride horses or even camels to explore the wild. Everything is covered even in the most remote camp sites – meaning you don’t need to think about anything except taking in the beautiful surroundings, and obviously the wildlife.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in an adventure with your family in Africa reach out and we’ll provide suggestions and itinerary suggestions for any kind of child and ages.