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Travelling to DC from DCA Reagan National Airport

This article reviews the many alternatives for getting into the downtown area of Washington, DC from Reagan National Airport (DCA). We examine with the DC Metro Rail, shuttle taxis, shuttle services, Uber black car services and rental vehicles with that of the DC Metro Rail.


The primary advantage of landing on DCA (Reagan National Airport) is that it is conveniently located , and it’s in the Metro system’s blue and yellow lines.

You can take either line from DC to DC However, if you’re going toward downtown, you must use the Yellow line. The yellow line generally is faster.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how you can get in your first ride on the Washington DC Metro, which provides instructions on how to purchase metro passes. Metro Pass.

At at the Reagan National Airport station, there are only four stops along the Yellow Line to get to L’Enfant Plaza. The journey takes about 12 stops to reach the same station located on the Blue Line.

Be aware of this If your intention is to go towards one of the station located on the Blue line that extends over L’Enfant Plaza (such as Eastern Market or Stadium Armoury) it is better to take the Yellow Line train from the airport to L’Enfant Plaza and then change to an Orange/Blue/Blue.

If you’re in rush and have lots of luggage particularly during rush hour you should consider the Blue Line train. It’s a bit longer however, you don’t have to to change trains with lots of baggage

Shuttle Service

A lot of these are shared services, so the length of time you travel will be contingent on the order of passengers’ destinations. Some companies provide a direct car service to DCA for an additional cost.


DCA is located just in the middle of Washington DC and just down the road from the major hotels such as Crystal City or Pentagon City. This is the reason Taxis and Ubers/Lyfts could be relatively inexpensive alternatives. Prices will differ based on the type of taxi you take (both taxis in local DC taxis as well as local Virginia taxis depart from DCA however charge different prices.) Additionally, the exact place you’re traveling to.

Taxi firms could add an extra airport fee which is around $3. In addition, there may be additional costs for luggage that is carried by taxi drivers. Taxis can be found at official taxi stands that are located in baggage checkpoints. In times of high demand, these lines can get very long.

There’s no way to get through the line. If you’re traveling together ask them to join the line while you wait for your luggage to be collected.

CAR SERVICE TO and from DCA (Reagan National Airport)

If you want to be sure that you’ll be picked up from the airport on time and then driven to your destination punctually, DCAcar service is an excellent alternative.

You can make reservations for your flight prior to departure and supply the company with the details of your flight so that they know when you’ll arrive in the early hours or later. Once you’re to DCA your driver who you booked will be waiting for you in the baggage claim area and help you with your baggage.