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What to do in Hisaronu

Amazing food, sunshine and amazing locals are three of the main things that pop into my thoughts when I think of my travels to Turkey. Hisaronu is a resort village located in Fethiye situated on the Mediterranean coast has always been one of my favorite destinations because of its never-ending stretch of restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world, and numerous quality hotels. It has made me go back three times in a row. So I wanted to share my top activities in this premier holiday popular spot.

Take a ride into the back of a jeep Safari

The initial day of the final holiday, we went for a drive in an open-backed jeep and visited a renowned Natural Reserve waterfalls park, which offers fresh trout at the restaurant of an area-based fish farm. When the summer heat is at its peak it’s the ideal spot to rest away from the sun. It’s shaded, and surrounded by the sounds of a waterfall that cascades. If you’re brave, you can plunge into the freezing cold natural pool while the water falls down the mountains. The jeep tour drove us higher up for white water rafting. We finished our day by taking a dip in one of the mud baths in town, which gave our skin a soft and silky smooth. Make sure you have your water guns in place since there is a chance of water battles at any moment, but especially with the locals on the route “ready to go”.

Enjoy a boat ride

The coastline of Turkey is breathtaking with plenty to explore. I highly recommend that you go on the tour boat trip. The tour we took included some of the top local landmarks such as thermal springs, tiny blue bays that allow you to take a dive over the remnants of a sunken city. The tour guide on the boat was also able to point out that the Lycian Rock Tombs, carved into the cliffs on Fetihye’s shores.

Forgot your lunch? Not a problem Your guide on your boat tour will recommend an a great local eatery. There are smaller boats that dock alongside the larger tour boats to sell delicious fresh foods that you should try. They sell freshly caught and barbecued crab, crepes and crepes that have various fillings, and the most popular Ice lollies and creams.

Take a sunbath at the Blue Lagoon

Just a brief Dolmus (bus) trip from Olu Deniz is the breathtaking Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz. The serene waters that are surrounded by stunning sea creatures is the most memorable aspect of my visit. My most memorable experience at Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon has to be when we hired the pedalo for one hour to explore the entire lagoon and experienced an enormous turtle swim right alongside us, that was awe-inspiring. Be there early to make sure that you reserve one of the most prime sunbeds and you’ll enjoy a relaxing day with your feet submerged in the cool waters.

Find out about local events

My favorite neighborhood bar located that I frequent in Hisaronu is Talk of the Town which presents a drag comedy show, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. The TOTT team TOTT put on a fantastic show that is packed with incredible dancers and various scenes. The humor they present is fantastic and the entire audience is laughing.

This blog is merely the beginning of Hisaronu. I am sure the family and you will stay exploring a myriad of new destinations and experiencing new food and experiences. When searching for Hisaronu villas make sure you visit

Find out about local customs

Last but not least, don’t not forget to tip the waiters in the restaurants! It is commonplace to leave 10% of the total amount. The service personnel I received were so kind and exceeded my expectations. I was convinced that I deserved to leave a bigger tip because they made my experience unforgettable.